"Styblo TV & VideoproduktionsKG" was established 2003 by Robert W. K. Styblo in Vienna, Austria

Born in Vienna, Styblo studied law and business administration, moved to Los Angeles, California to be inspired by Hollywood and started writing television shows. Later, he pursued a master’s program at the University of California (UCLA) in Entertainment and Media Management, where he was honored with a Superior Achievement Award. After returning back home to Vienna, Styblo was responsible for Austrian Private Television`s (ATV) show "Talk to me", a daily talk show that shed light on the lives of Austrians, along with various comedy productions that aired from February 2000 to December 2002.

While championing a variety of successful television shows with ATV, like the successful docu-soap "Operation Schoenheit”, ("Operation Beauty”), Styblo also began to tap into his entrepreneurial desires. In 2003, Styblo TV & Video Productions was born, a video production company specializing in capturing the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people through his lens. Styblo TV has produced in Munich, Berlin, London, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles, Venice, Copenhagen and in the Caribbean. Styblo TV has produced underwater shoots and covered red carpet events like the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and even a segment in space. Taking this experience, Styblo then directed, produced and edited "Catch It", a TV show that involved legendary supermodel Drag Queen Ru Paul.

Styblo moved to the public sector and began reporting for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) show "25 - Das Magazin" and was the producer of "A Star Is Born", an ORF docu-soap in collaboration with EMI Music. Being recognized for his great work, Styblo then became the Chef vom Dienst, editor, of the widely popular ORF show "Schoener leben", "Better Living", from December 2004 to December 2009.

January 2010 Styblo began to produce for "Eco", a weekly business magazine show and "Bewusst Gesund", a weekly health programme, both on ORF, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.2011, 2012 styblo.tv produced "BioArt – Art from the Laboratory" for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and ARTE (European Cultural Television Channel), a 53 minutes documentary about bioart, "Momentum – Rachel Armstrong" for Red Bull TV on Servus TV and "My Mountains – With Peter Habeler" for ORF3. 

2013, 2014 Styblo produced for Red Bull`s science show „Sience TM“ all over the world and won the Media Award of the German School of Journalism – 2014 for his documentary „Copenhagen Suborbitals“.

2014 Styblo hold a director`s workshop, coaching TV directors of ORF (Austrian Broadcasting  Corporation), Studio Burgenland. Styblo was also a member of the jury at „Bio-Fiction“, International Synthetic Biology Science, Art and Film Festival  of the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria.

2015 Robert Styblo won the Austrian Television Award for Adult Education for "Science TM" and produced for "Eco".

2016 - 2019 Styblo produced and shot various documentary films, including "The Inventors of Our Future" for Red Bull TV, "Move" a Documentary on Electromobility, "Invetors" and "Musical Güssing" for ORF, as well as trailers for the Austrian Airfest and much more.

2020 - 2022 Styblo produced a documentary about hemp and “Adlmueller – King of Fashion”, both for ORF (Austrian Television).

Styblo reports regularly for “Servus TV Nachrichten” (News) and “Servus am Abend” (TV magazine).

Styblo and styblo.tv are currently working all over the world on exciting new documentaries for Servus TV / Red Bull TV / ORF. Keep watching and they will keep producing.

Scientific Adviser

Professor DDr. Rachel Armstrong

Senior TED Fellow

Professor of Experimental Architecture

Newcastle University, England 

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work 

styblo.tv employs the best cameramen, editors and graphic designers from around the world.